Public Announcement #1: Forum Foundations

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Public Announcement #1: Forum Foundations Empty Public Announcement #1: Forum Foundations

Post  Jochi on 12th February 2012, 4:21 pm

Okay so. Foundation of Kiwi KraZe.

Public Announcement:
Welcome everyone, this is a public, free speech, forum.
And on that note down to business, Okay so if you have a request just message me or ask me personally, or hell, start a topic for all I care.
If you wish to have a game thread added. Make request and it shall be so, such as;
ex. I wish to have a DoTa Section on the forums >> Sometime in the near future, boom DoTa Section!

And also if you come here representing a group you may request a personal group; As you see for Kiwi and aSf. Also on that note, Certain groups, such as stated above and any other groups requesting it and deemed plausible shall have their own Section under the Clan's and friends section. The inital shall be a Public forum for EVERYONE to post on and view. And within the initial shall be a private forum for that group's members only. Thus allowing them to keep secret what they please and public what they please and allowing interaction between people.

As of now, if you have any suggestions or wish to talk about any of the above just talk to me Personally or TkdKing.

ex. For Personal Clan/Guild/Group Section

Section Clans, Guilds, ect.
Subsection A (Public) >Clan Kiwi (Public)
Subsection B (Private, Kiwi Exclusive) >Black Market Fruit Stand (Private)


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